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Marrowbone By: Mike Kelly delves into family, politics, the law, corruption, and West Virginia. It weaves through a primary election season (December early May), following races for Governor Supreme Court justice, while exploring histories of Murphy Quinn families touching on Matewan Massacre, fight civil rights, murder Jock Yablonski. also develops two major cases that are helping to shape election, one protagonist’s best friend by an out-of-control work release inmate other appeal convicted serial rapist seeking new form DNA testing. Though not set in specific time, laments failure politics move Virginia forward honors basic goodness people.

‘Candid, thought-provoking, sassy and very, very funny’ Daily Telegraph ‘Searching honest’ Independent on Sunday ‘Remarkably revealing’ Mail ‘Brazenly probing’ Scotsman You know those people who always radiate cheerful optimism? Nauseating aren’t they? I want to become one of those. find out how live life completely, abundantly, joyfully, stupidly. This is my quest. Enlightenment. So proclaims Isabel Losada, coffee addict, exercise allergic, self confessed sceptic as she sets the road enlightenment. Beginning with an Insight seminar where a hundred name badges learn ‘share’, journey’s through gruelling course ‘Rolfing’ nude Goddess workshops, weekend Tantric Sex (Yes! Yes! Yes!) Reincarnation session. Not mention spot colonic irrigation. Irreverent yet open minded, funny honest, The Battersea Park Road Enlightenment also moving ultimately illuminating. For anyone has ever been tempted dip toe in waters self-discovery, Losada plunges you straight in.

How are thing on Rockamorra? Bad, very. Earth Ambassador Pinchbottle has contracted to fight a dinosaur, and it’s up troubleshooter Jame Retief keep him from being stomped, mangled, or eaten. Things tough other planets, too, with civil war Skweem, dying race om Sulinore, mudstorms Schweinhund’s World. These seven stories show the Galaxy’s hippest diplomat at his unexpected jaunty best.