Who Wanted to Stand On

The dark threat of polio becomes a reality for young Prairie girl. In the summer 1937, life on Prairies is not easy. Great Depression has brought great hardship, and Noreen’s family must scrimp to make ends meet. horrible twist fate, Noreen, like hundreds other Canadians, contracts placed in an isolation ward, unable move her legs. After few weeks she gains partial recovery, but makes painful decision send hospital far away further treatment. To Stand On My Own diary account journey through recovery: treatment; ward; patients, some them worse off than her; adjustment wheelchair crutches; ultimately, emotional physical hurdles face when returns home. this moving addition Dear Canada series, award-winning author Barbara Haworth-Attard recreates desolate time Canadian history, one girl’s brave fight against deadly disease.

Monkey Fred Stands on His Head is a story of how one monkey’s courage to be himself unites band new friends, each which are special in their own way. Everyone welcomed this group. Your child will surely smile as they read along and learn amazing friends can when love you for who really are.

Politische Transformation – und dann? 25 Jahre nach dem Ende der Apartheid sieht sich die südafrikanische Gesellschaft wie vor mit drastischen Ungleichheiten konfrontiert. Carmen Ludwig nimmt den Wandel öffentlicher Dienstleistungen im Post-Apartheid-Südafrika Auswirkungen kommunalen Privatisierungen in Blick. Sie zeigt anhand dreier Großstädte politische Konfliktlinien lokale Gewerkschaftsstrategien Spannungsfeld von in- exklusiver Solidarität auf. Zudem stellt sie Frage, es Gewerkschaften gelingen kann, fragmentierten Belegschaften herzustellen.