Turn Off The Lights

Yashvi, an author with abandoned draft of her novel, is experiencing something that possible in story only. Nia nightmares and Aeden his beautiful dreams cross their paths…but not reality, a darker world tucked someone else’s dream. Eva’s dream date gets the evil eye sister…or it itself scarier than what she can think of? Ritika’s airplane disappears on its way…and gives birth to new journey for give goosebumps even daylight! Do you twice before buy gift someone? Well, will once know Sameer Neha. They both most wanted thing friend…but embarks dark no one wants hear… A little girl’s continuous complaints about man intruding into house irk mother. But ends up believing without seeing daughter sees…why? deaf silent only starts suffocating but turns makes want run away from herself. Newly married Ayesha strongly repulsed by family, especially in-laws. Is overthinking or looking at truth just tip iceberg? Roma D’souza’s painting earns more praise ever could. And secretly become prettier like portrait. why does feel sin? Or, really? Dazzling Ritika engaged interesting game stranger late night party. Just when thinks ball court, shaken. 19 stories…explore darkest, creepiest unusual incidents, people places. know, creepier? turn real anytime, anywhere…

This collection of thought-provoking essays challenges librarians to consider the future profession, particularly as it relates Web, library place, delivering services desktop, certification, and professional associations.