Tiny Timmy : On Tour

Big news! Tiny Timmy and his team are going on a soccer tour! They’ll be away from home for whole week, travelling playing matches. Just like professional team! What could better? But hasn’t been family that long before. Can he play best, or will miss too much? Find out how travels in book 5 of the best-selling series Socceroos legend, Tim Cahill!

The first and best biography of the great Troubadour with artwork by Martin Sharp. Throughout his lifetime, Tiny Tim was a repository recorded music stemming from early days vaudeville to latest chart favourites. But despite all these influences he remained true original perfecting performances as an outreach personality. True, had some strange traits, but they did not impede on enthusiastic kindness people loved, musicians accompanied, many listeners met. In age celebrity, functioned complete entertainer. Lowell Tarling has provided living given us definitive incentive re-listen recording re-visit numerous You Tube postings. get feeling that somewhere is standing tiptoes, strumming ukulele, blowing kisses saying, ‘God bless you all!’ – Hal Stein, (Tiny’s cousin close friend) April 2013