The Year it all Ended

Of Broken Pieces and Light Ahead is a compilation of prose poetry that speaks to both our individual shared human experience, trauma, healing ultimately triumph. It an exquisite yet profound portrayal the winding intertwining road led author from helplessness empowerment, fragmented whole, darkness light. takes reader on journey through vivid snapshots war, love, life death, seen lens PTSD perspective someone who has overcome it.

Romancing the Outback is a sequel to War at Our Door. A continuation of our Door, thirty two years on, includes some same main characters, along with their offspring, and politics happenings around that time. It covers troubled romances double wedding. runaway, Tommy, ends up on streets Brisbane, battling for survival. returned soldier an army nurse finally find peace thirty-two after WW2 ends. plane crash kills neighbor’s twin sons. There are near fatalities when dealing ruthless cattle rustlers. Accidents happen, heart attack dealt with, horse sale Charleville Picnic Race Meeting isn’t without its dramas. Land Army Girl reunion brings back fold, from Tuscany. And all this, amid being mustered, branded, ear-marked, cut, injected against brucellosis parasites, sheep mustering, sheering, many other chores go hand in living station outer regions Queensland’s vast outback.

In her memoir, Mrs. Bush for the first time gives readers a very private look at life lived in public eye more than 25 years. This is warm and funny memoir that will charm Bush’s millions of admirers earn many more.