The Tale of Mr Jeremy

Beatrix Potter’s Classic Children’s Stories in beautiful eBook editions The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher is the story a charming but accident-prone frog who sets off on fishing adventure. by Potter part Xist Publishing Classics collection. Each has been specially formatted with full-screen, full-color illustrations and original, text.

The beloved classic tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher the Frog is now available in board book format featuring original artwork from New York Times bestselling illustrator Charles Santore. Join as he puts on his shiny galoshes one rainy day and hops aboard water lily boat to fish for minnows—only discover that pond can be a dangerous place frog! Incredible illustrations with finest details artist Santore capture spirit this tale, printed sturdy stock will withstand years generations repeated reading handling. This edition must-have every child’s library.

A frog fishing from his lily pad boat doesn’t catch any fish, but one catches him.