The Looming Lamplight

Perplexing puzzles, mind-boggling mazes and cracking codes feature in this series of stories about a pair guinea-pig detectives – Coco Carlomagno, the easily-startled Chief Police, his more sensible cousin, Alberta.

Rossamund Bookchild has successfully negotiated the treacherous route to High Vesting. But even within sturdy walls of great city he is far from safe. For path becoming a Lamplighter fraught with dangers – and not just dread monsters who lurk in wilds. will need all his wits survive training. And must watch back too, for enemies past are never behind. Stunning scope rich detail, alive memorable heroes villains brimming new original science magics, D.M. Cornish’s tale scolds, scourges, smugglers shrewds thrill captivate, leave reader desperate more.

Coco Carlomagno is the well-respected, if somewhat easily startled, Chief of Police in Buenos Aires. Alberta his more sensible cousin. Together they crack cases that confound this puzzling city. Coco’s nerves are all a-jangle. Deep a cemetery Aires, tomb famous, much-lamented tango singer Anibal Manzana has everyone baffled. It talking! Could it be haunted? Luckily commonsensical cousin on hand to help. Can unravel ghostly riddle?