The Lion and the Mouse

Even the King of Jungle needs help sometimes, but who is brave enough to such a powerful beast? Courage comes in all sizes Aesop�s classic fable, The Lion and Mouse. Readers are familiar with this timeless tale those new story will love simple, beautiful language retelling. Endearing illustrations enrich narrative draw even reluctant readers. unlikely friendship between grouchy lion fearless mouse introduces readers important concepts as respecting differences using one�s weaknesses strengths. With relatable characters poignant moral, book sure become favorite any library.

A new title in the fantastic First Reading series, aimed at children who are beginning to read. tiny mouse disturbs King Lion’s afternoon nap. “Don’t kill me!” she begs. “Maybe I can save your life too, one day.” Lion doesn’t believe it – but when he is real trouble, learns that even little friends be great friends. Developed consultation with Alison Kelly, a senior lecturer education and an early reading specialist from Roehampton University. value quality hardback ribbon marker guaranteed foster pride book ownership.

In this retelling of an Aesop fable, adventuresome mouse proves that even small creatures are capable great deeds when he rescues the King Jungle.