The Last Shot

In the last hours of a life full regrets, all that Michael wants is to drink his shot whiskey.

Annie: As a child I was unwanted and unloved. Tossed aside until my maternal grandmother came to claim me. Life got better after that, it still when met Ethan Michaels, the boy down street who determined make me feel like mattered. At first he friend, but then became much more. But love isn’t real. Not in world. When left pursue professional hockey had clean break. couldn’t wait for him find someone better, break heart. It’s leave than be left. now he’s back, can’t run from anymore. Worse…he won’t let Ethan: Annie Fraser owned as kid. She owns still. contract play asked her come with me, she wouldn’t Rawdon, not while sick. understood. Still, wanted stay together, do whatever could keep her. run. loved enough Now I’m back town pissed. think hate sure of it. Until see her… those old feelings rushing back. won’t walk away again. don’t care what takes. keywords: hockey, nurse, contemporary, romance, new adult, second chance, psychological

Sixteen-year-old Danby has survived the telepathic outbreak that ravaged humanity, but now she’s caught in a desperate battle for her own survival – and future of world.