The Greek who Stole

Keras is darkness. It sustains him. strengthens offers relief from the pain born of his feelings for a goddess Olympus, bewitching and beautiful female placed beyond reach—one who stole heart broke it. Centuries enduring that have left him tired, temptation to surrender control side himself grows each day. Even when he knows darkness will destroy Enyo has regrets. Hundreds them. But one plagued her centuries, moment shattered friendship with firstborn Hades own it—a changed set on new path. With battle between sons daemons turning more dangerous man she loves, can no longer stand lines. It’s time this war risk everything fight what wants. As save Underworld mortal realm rages heights, be consumed by or light saves him? If you love Greek gods romance books featuring powerful dark lords strong heroines steal their hearts, paranormal series you. seventh novel in Guardians Romance series. This features god shadows as power, refuses win heart, second chance at love, cast sizzling brothers determined protect father Hades, plus lots action adventure–and steamy scenes! All cliffhangers, guaranteed happily ever after, some language. Enjoy! Grab your copy today step into an action-packed world filled mythology mystery New York Times USA Today best-selling author Felicity Heaton. Be swept up story characters princes ours, women claim enemy bent destroying series: Book 1: Ares 2: Valen 3: Esher 4: Marek 5: Calistos 6: Daimon 7: 8: Thanatos 9: – Coming Soon! keywords: paranormal, romance, adults, gods, greek goddesses, immortals, immortal mythology, myths, fantasy alpha hero, heroine, action, long series, adventure, HEA, after

Tim and Nick, needing to raise money for Christmas gifts, take on a job protect Greek pop singer movie star who has made lot of enemies, once again thirteen-year-old Nick is left do the his own while brother busy dealing with woman’s advances.

Unbuttoned by the maverick! Protected her ice queen facade and wearing designer suits as armor, heart surgeon Michelle Ross is always in control. Then maverick anesthesiologist Ty Smith sweeps into operating theater ruffles well-groomed feathers! He complete opposite, but even isn’t immune to his charms—especially when she starts see real Ty. She knows that he’ll soon be back on sleek black motorcycle, out road again, can stop from leaving with him…?