The Forgotten Pearl

The forgotten pearl is the key to entering an exhilarating wartime adventure from bestselling author Belinda Murrell. When Chloe visits her grandmother, she learns how close Second World War came destroying family. Could experiences of another time help face own problems? In 1941, Poppy lives in Darwin, a peaceful paradise far war. But when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, then Australia, everything holds dear threatened – family, neighbours, friends and beloved pets. Her brother Edward taken prisoner-of-war. home town becomes war zone, as Japanese raid over again. Terrified for their lives, mother flee Sydney, only find that danger follows them there. must with courage determination. Will world ever be same again?

The Forgotten Ally is a beautifully written book, as the New York Times review describes it—The expression of one most passionately generous hearts in writing profession. Van Paassen writes with power and fervor latter-day prophet, without forgetting need for facts, figures documentation.—Review Chicago Sun Times. Shortly after World War One, started his career journalist at Globe, Canadian newspaper Toronto. His next job was great southern liberal newspaper, Atlanta Constitution. This where actively became interested Jewish affairs interviewing Rabbi from who had just returned Mandatory Palestine. From this point on, took personal interest issues Palestine plight European Jewry. In 1925, he foreign correspondent Evening World, which placed him Paris. stage being set Two rise fascism Germany Italy reported. 1931, stopped publishing; remained France wrote Globe its competitor Toronto Star. 1933, Paassen, fluent German speaker, reported on Nazis courageously exposed doctrines policies Hitler’s fascist regime. news reports greatly upset Nazis, Star known “atrocity propaganda.” banned expelled but not before imprisoned by several weeks, included some physical blows to Paassen’s own person. spent quite time extensively newspapers many books subject.-Print ed.