Stink and the World’s

In honor of Judy Moody’s younger “bother,” Stink, the creators award-winning series have brought back boy wonder with a bold new design for all his Stink-y adventures—no lie! Simultaneous.

Follow your nose to a hilarious Stink-fest no kid will want miss! GROSS ME OUT! STINK-O! SKUNKSVILLE! Stink Moody’s class is going on field trip the Gross-Me-Out exhibit at science museum, and he can’t wait see Vomit Machine, Burp-O-Meter, Musical Farts. Best of all, when gets Everybody Stinks exhibit, discovers that his very own has amazing sniffing abilities — learns some people have real jobs stuff for NASA! Soon junior olfactory wiz engrossed in toilet water, corpse flowers, all things smelly, Sophie Elves are set go toe-to-toe stinky sneaker contest. Will Stink’s fetid footwear be foul enough earn him Golden Clothespin Award? loyal fans holding their breath latest outrageous solo adventure.