Specky Magee

The football adventure that started it all! Simon Magee is twelve and mad about Aussie Rules. He’s even got a nickname – ‘Specky’ because he takes such spectacular marks. But his family hates footy… So why there baby photo of him dressed in footy gear? Determined to find out the truth, Specky uncovers more than ever bargained for. one gulp book be read fast easily . Australian Book Review It’s encouraging Kids enjoy culture Eddie McGuire, Herald Sun

THE CROWD ROARED AS BALL ROCKETED INTO BACK OF NET. SPECKY COLLAPSED ON GROUND FEELING USELESS AND HUMILIATED. HE HAD NEVER FELT SO OUT HIS DEPTH A SPORTING FIELD . Specky has been selected to represent Australia in International Rules, taking on the Irish a two-test competition Ireland. Can boys learn play with new set of rules and perfect their skills round ball before team wipes field them? And is someone trying sabotage Aussie team’s chances winning? The pressure on, make matters worse some serious decisions about his future he returns home This trip Ireland no holiday will have dig deep face biggest challenge life! I wish would hurry up get drafted. Tigers love him Matthew Richardson Visit www.speckymagee.com.au for more

The Booyong High Bugle Footy News! Only last month, former student Simon ‘Specky’ Magee led the Gosmore Grammar Knights to victory against our courageous Lions. But now he’s back in town! Well, we at would like welcome home, but even his best mates don’t want him on team. And can’t help wonder just how ‘specky-tacular’ really is . Will he ever play with again? Specky has questions of own Robbo and Danny talk What could possibly scare Great McCarthy? what’s Screamer up now? Visit www.speckymagee.com.au for more