Sing-Along Storybook

Retells the biblical story of Samson, his super strength, and betrayal by Delilah.

It isn’t easy being a honey bee. Between the hazards of job and demanding queen bee, it’s anything but bee’s knees. Help Honey Bee tells story frustrated little bee who dreams scientific breakthrough that will allow him to finally retire start living his best life. Parents kids alike love this hilarious can be sung melody “You Belong With Me.”Help is first release in Animal Sing-Along Series. collection funny books for toddlers, preschoolers, early readers melodies some biggest pop hits last 20 years beyond. Each book performed by different animal (or insect), all whom have their own unique humorous challenges overcome. Not only are fun read they also help children develop enhance language, memory, comprehension skills, making them perfect singing parents, preschool teachers, music teachers.

Your children will celebrate all of the wonderful things about Christmas with this charming storybook and CD set–including decorated trees, caroling, family, very best thing all. . .the gift Jesus! They enjoy singing reading along “The Best Thing Christmas” song–which follows story word-for-word. Then, after rhyming story, your kids be entertained delighted as they sing other Christmastime favorites. The is perfect for home, school, church–plus it makes a great gift!