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Wer Rassismus bekämpfen will, muss Veränderung befürworten – und die fängt bei einem selbst an. „Darf ich mal deine Haare anfassen?“, „Kannst du Sonnenbrand bekommen?“, „Wo kommst her?“ solche Fragen stellt, meint es meist nicht böse. Aber dennoch: Sie sind rassistisch. Warum, das wollen weiße Menschen oft hören. Alice Hasters erklärt trotzdem. Eindringlich geduldig beschreibt sie, wie ihren Alltag als Schwarze Frau in Deutschland prägt. Dabei wird klar: ist nur ein Problem am rechten Rand der Gesellschaft. Und sich mit dem eigenen zu konfrontieren, im ersten Moment schmerzhaft, aber einzige Weg, ihn überwinden.

Philip feels in control of his life — at least until best friend, Jonathan, contracts AIDS, passes away, and leaves him feeling disconnected uncertain about the future. Then one steady influence life, mother, becomes seriously ill. The doctor who makes diagnosis ovarian cancer is not hopeful. Once mother commits to treatment plan, there nothing can do but follow blueprint they both hope will lead her recovery. In late April 1992, accompanies Los Angeles for monthly treatment. When he accidentally takes a wrong turn off freeway, all hell breaks lose. Suddenly find themselves center Rodney King riots. Gunshots ring out. Helicopters hover overhead. People loot vandalize stores while others burn overturn vehicles. Fires spring up over city. unfamiliar territory, must guide through this labyrinth chaos safety. With wit insight coupled with maternal concern what’s son, Philip’s proves old saying: gay man’s friend truly mother.

Investigations: 150 Things You Should Know, Second Edition, explores the essential tips and techniques for security investigations, providing a useful reference those at any stage of their career. This practical guide covers legal guidelines that all investigators must follow. Through anecdotes, case studies documented procedures, authors present most complete collection investigative information available. Readers in law enforcement fields will find this book easy to use understand when seeking explanations about wide variety topics, including constitutional law, documentary evidence, surveillance equipment, interviewing, interrogating reporting. Offers comprehensive overview investigations Provides simple busy professionals Blends theory practice with specific focus on today’s global business social environment be followed proper private