A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR When Peggy Orenstein’s now-classic examination of young girls and self-esteem was first published, it set off a groundswell that continues to this day. Inspired by an American Association University Women survey showed steep decline in confidence as reach adolescence, Orenstein out explore the obstacles face–in school, hoime, our culture. For intimate, girls’ eye view world, spent months observing interviewing eighth-graders from two ethnically disparate communities, seeking discover what causing fall into traditional patterns self-censorship self-doubt. By taking us lives real women who are struggling with eating disorders, sexual harrassment, declining academic achievement, brings disturbing statistics life skill flair experienced journalist. Uncovering adolescent roots issues remain important throughout their lives, groundbreaking book challenges change way we raise educate girls.

Japanese society in the 1990s and 2000s produced a range of complicated material about sexualized schoolgirls, few topics have caught imagination western observers so powerfully. While young girls had previously been portrayed as demure obedient, training to become obedient wife prudent mother, recent years less than women central urban mythology content culture. The cultic fascination with figure deviant school girl, which has some its earliest roots nineteenth early twentieth centuries, likewise re-emerged proliferated fascinating timely ways 2000s. Through exploring history politics underlying cult contemporary media culture, this book presents striking picture from start 2010s. At core is an in-depth case study delight panic surrounding delinquent prostitute schoolgirls. Sharon Kinsella traces social back male anxieties relating gender equality female emancipation Japan. In each chapter turn, reveals conflicted, nostalgic, pornographic, at times distinctly racialized manner, largely sentiments transformation relations expressed. simultaneously explores stylistic flamboyant manner reacted weight obsessive accusatory gaze. Covering often controversial subjects compensated dating (enjo k├┤sai), role porn lifestyle magazines, historical sources politicized meanings schoolgirl, racialization fashionable girls, Schoolgirls, Money, Rebellion Japan will be invaluable students scholars culture society, sociology, anthropology, women’s studies.

A famous problem found in books on mathematical recreations was first proposed an annual 1850 by a vicar and amateur mathematician, Thomas Kirkman. Fifteen schoolgirls walk out three abreast for seven days it required to arrange each day’s so that any pair of girls were only once the same row during week. The puzzle arose from Kirkman’s work more general which he explore number published articles over next few years. Much his ignored at time, but involved various combinatorial ideas have now become some interest importance. He also interested range other mathematics, such as theory polyhedra, newly developing groups, classification knots. respected many professionals elected Fellow Royal Society. This book presents brief account original ways has been generalised eventually solved. It surveys not too technical way, remarkable nineteenth-century polymath.