Ratwhiskers and Me

Examining more than 120 titles, this book discusses the history of verse novels, analyzes key works, and considers how increasingly popular sub-genre young adult fiction can grapple with content that distinguishes it from traditional for teens.

A powerful atmospheric verse novel set in the Victorian goldfields 1800s. Traumatised by a fire which her family perishes, narrator poses as boy on goldfields. There, Sun Song, Chinese market gardener is only one to show any kindness. The flees camp, taking name Lin. But Ellery, man with links Lin’s past, determined take over all rights goldfields, setting place dangerous sequence of events. To survive test frienship and loyalty, catalyst for Lin remember tragic past.

A repeat offender freshly sprung from prison tries to do the impossible: Stay out trouble. Peter Frangello hasn’t spent three straight years of jail since he was sixteen. Now past thirty, he’s nearing parole when his block neighbor is burned alive in cell, a vicious attack that intended for himself. He spends last week protective custody, and released back into world makes resolution stay clean – not morality’s sake, but because if goes inside, next hit won’t miss. But man whose only skills are stealing doing time, staying trouble easy. As old associates an army crooked cops put pressure on him, will find that, inside or out, doomed remain prisoner life.