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The inspiration for a major two-part ABC documentary, KOKODA is set to win over whole new audience ‘Never in my life … had I seen soldiers who looked so shocked and tired utterly weary as those men’ Brigadier John Rogers, Australia’s Director of Military Intelligence, 1942 Now documentary series produced with Screen Making History, Paul Ham’s the bestselling history crucial battles Papua New Guinea that saved Australia from threat Japanese attack. In this acclaimed account, Ham describes both sides appalling struggle along Kokoda track when few badly trained Australian troops confronted Imperial Army worst terrain imaginable. Few us know true story behind legend; guts inside myth. was war without mercy; predatory war, where men hunted down like wild animals. No army fought such conditions; no Allied general believed it possible. Yet vital struggle; undoubtedly turning point Pacific War. Had captured Port Moresby, would surely have been bombed cut off only base South West counter-offensive. diggers were fighting their very country’s survival last free nation Asia. author VIEtNAM: tHE AUStRALIAN WAR correspondent LONDON SUNDAY tIMES. He co-wrote, co-produced appears ABC’s based on book, which, first time, took camera crew full length tRACK.

Volume V covers the last glory days of cavalry in World War I’s Middle Eastern theater, as British, Indian, Australian and New Zealand conducted some most brilliant mounted operations all time.