Pop-up Fox

David’s had a party invitation. He’s going to dress up as fox. But when he arrives, realises he’s made mistake! Luckily, has clever idea about how fox can still fit in with the theme and have fun.

As the seed of Elvish Empire takes root in scar world, Fox struggles with mantle Champion. Time has chiseled away at boy and made him a man, but ghosts his past arise to threaten future. He still owes debt find three lost swords, that continues eat core. The swords must be found. In rocky stone Shard Keep North Mountains, an evil stirs. Bhaal sat quietly on throne, remnants once-proud empire crumbled away. Things should not have been forgotten were left neglected for far too long, things demanded careful attention. Nevertheless, was unnoticed by authorities such things. cheated Death most intimate way, way leaves festering wound. end, will her way. Or she?