Nathan and the Ice

The Search for Dale’s Plane is a true storythat began on December 1, 2013 when Alaska bush pilot,Dellon Smith, set out to find his brother’s plane after it dropped off the radar over remote Idaho. Aided by family members from seven states and church congregation, they encountered impossible weather conditions, impenetrably steep mountains, complete loss of clues. Going home Christmas, returned with new perspective resources. With bleary eyes, physical exhaustion, humility, prayers, thousands volunteered miracles happened. search wasn’t just about finding as many discovered richer, more fulfilling life. Sharing their feelings experiences, this book promises uplift leave you warmed love our Heavenly Father shows during periods adversity faith, dignity courage exhibited Janis, wife pilot, other waited in limbo hope hearts.

Follow our hero on the roller-coaster ride that was his boyhood. From humble beginnings in a small coal-mining community, where life largely idyllic, Joel is thrust into alien environment of plush boys’ boarding school and things begin to unravel. As if cue Falklands Conflict touches Joel’s life. A already downward spiral due isolation, bullying, frequent beatings at home. Disaster followed disaster as once peaceful village becomes war zone when national strike turns friends family against one another. Starved affection both home school, friend blurs lines friendship love, can endure innocence lost? Will sink or swim? Whatever happens he certain not go down without fight.

HER HUSBAND HAD VANISHED He left no trace—except a pregnant bride. A year later, Fritzi Fitzgerald’s search for him leads to remote Alaskan village, and when man carrying his ID is murdered, stands accused. STRANGER APPEARED came from the snow-swept tundra—a swarthy denim-clad dream with raven hair eyes like coats of white wolves shining in darkness. claimed he was Fritzi’s husband—and alibi. STALKER WAS WATCHING Sharing snowed-in cabin her closemouthed rescuer, sensed connected missing spouse. But lights went out followed dark—would Nathan Lafarge protect son? HIDDEN IDENTITY