My Father the Great Pirate

Simplified Chinsee edition of Davide Cali’s My Father the Great Pirate. A boy only sees his dad once a year. His always smells sea and tells exciting adventures. Because is, pirate. Now this time, did not come. So it’s boy’s turn to find using imagination. Cali is renowned award winning Italian children’s writer.

A funny fantasy-adventure series for fans of LEMONY SNICKET, NEIL GAIMAN, and CRESSIDA COWELL Have you ever picked your nose? nose EATEN IT? nose, eaten it, and, by doing so, opened a portal to world run PIRATES? Mabel Jones has. Kidnapped, is forced serve aboard The Feroshus Maggot with the strangest crew you’ll meet. And captain—an odious wolf named Idryss Ebenezer Split—won’t let her go until she helps pirates uncover treasure they seek. Mabel’s voyage takes across Greasy Pole Certain Death, into belly whale, underground decrepit crypt. does it all…in pajamas! Read on if dare. You are promised most unlikely adventure.