My DadMy Dad and Me

My Dad, Mate and Grandad The year is 2014 quite remarkably my father will be 80 in July. After a near miss 2009 when he nearly left the planet due to heart failure I started think about impact contribution dad has had on life fact that at age of 43 am comfortable with myself, like myself happily married great wife three children. At time was wondering whether might have say few words wasn’t here, although know knows how much appreciate what done for me thought it would nice write story could read his 80th Birthday. starting 6 months complete this task. I’m backed by ability touch type, but it’s going tight timescale given usual business life, kids, work football! Here goes….

This book, set in the ’50s through ’70s rural South Carolina is a collection of true stories that depict what it was like to grow up during greatest era United States America. An when love, church, family, and patriotism were cornerstones our society, common sense parenting used raise children. I am product this era, an honor for me share my with you. These are about interactions events happened life how dad’s reactions, responses, behaviors not only taught valuable lessons but helped shape forever. Each correspond directly by Father’s Word. book has something people at every age stage life. Everyone can learn themselves reading these stories. As you read My Dad, Father, hope find be entertaining enjoyable. To contact S.E.Drawdy, please feel free send email to:

Nick Millar is going home to Philadelphia. No longer Father Nicholas, has face his family and make a new life for himself after deciding leave the priesthood. At thirty-four, start over with degrees in Theology Ancient Languages experience street ministry that doesn’t translate today’s job market. Still, he support of family, small trust fund, an appeal women many would envy. Nick, youngest son high-achieving plods along realizing choice career not what choose, but help some strong begins put back together. Senator Abbe Metzger, wants as her chief staff…and more. But soft spot Annie, young woman encounters “on street”. When does meet love life, finds everyone past.