MountainThe House that Sailed

The Old Man of the Mountain: ‘Trial’ Assassin He was a powerful influencing reference as Britain’s Bernard Lewis, who would become foremost authority on Islamic history and traditions, traced origins ‘Assassin sect’ in Shi’ite branch Islam began to chronicle both their doctrines life enigmatic founder, legendary “Old Mountain.” Assassins were first group make planned, systematic, long-term use murder political weapon, ideals methods have since found many imitators. Lewis just about publish, 1967, one his books entitled “The Assassins.” Once published it be most comprehensive, readable, authoritative account history’s terrorists. When Lewis’ book Dr. Ahmed Abdulla did take some exceptions major historical but all he very pleased with context factual history. Where they differed continue preserved concealed, unknowingly, guarded secrets assassin’s legacy. Iran’s self-imposed exiled Ayatollah Khomeini, allegedly, two few Shi’ites world that knew this well secret. As descendants Man” each entrusted continuing pass legacy down through until call come carryout assassination. However, called didn’t want get because diametrically opposition principles democracy, tolerance religion.

Examines the works of seven Adirondack writers.

This book of stories celebrates people who have a magnetism, tenacity, personal vision, an independence, and self-sufficiency that elude most us today.