It was to be a friendly trek into the wider world. Moonrunner plans show his companions, Tom (Scots terrier) and Wobbly (Dachshund) world beyond their immediate horizons. The dogs would marvel at scenes of beauty fascinated by landscape animals they encountered. However, as journey progresses, clouds change hue. is season hounds. Danger never far off. One small band foxes led rogue, Wildbriar decides disobey law fox – gather in packs attack hounds all dogs. leaders life want this treachery halted. endanger bring wrath humans upon them. tasked with upholding Ancient Laws stop pack any cost. race for survival on. Can canine companions save life? How will fare such uncharted territory? And… can survive perilous journey?

“A quiet, lyrical story that sensitively explores issues of friendship and being true to oneself.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL When Mina, a self-professed “girlie-girl,” discovers she excels at track, her friends are as surprised is, especially competitive Ruth. Even more surprising is the way running seems lift Mina up make happy. Coach chooses run fifty-meter against Ruth, torn. Should slow down let Ruth hold on spotlight? Or herself soar? With subtlety insight, Carolyn Marsden delicate subject competition between friends.