Moon Runner

“A quiet, lyrical story that sensitively explores issues of friendship and being true to oneself.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL When Mina, a self-professed “girlie-girl,” discovers she excels at track, her friends are as surprised is, especially competitive Ruth. Even more surprising is the way running seems lift Mina up make happy. Coach chooses run fifty-meter against Ruth, torn. Should slow down let Ruth hold on spotlight? Or herself soar? With subtlety insight, Carolyn Marsden delicate subject competition between friends.

The lush time of ancient, epic Greece comes alive in this gripping novel mythology, adventure, and romance. . In a when the gods still walked earth, Macedonian king provoked by greed jealousy prepares to conquer neighboring Thessaly, renowned for its culture riches. goddess Artemis has marked Princess Atalante Thessaly as Sign Bearer war leader her country. Believing scar she bears disfigures her, hones skills accepts fate never know man’s love. Prince Melanion Macedonia battles his own demons. Torn between loyalty father, king, childhood vow protect mother’s homeland, he escapes bordering mountains, where meets Atalante. Drawn trust burgeoning desire, they pledge at altar attempt avert come. Mary Lennox lives Appalachia.

Steven Barnes’s Great Sky Woman unveiled the world of a prehistoric people in shadow modern-day Mount Kilimanjaro. Now, Shadow Valley, astounding sequel, we follow Ibandi people’s odyssey through land where everything has changed—a from whose ashes will grow roots civilization and enduring truths love, family, forgiveness, faith. After catastrophic eruption Father Mountain, are divided, desperate, afraid. Most have followed only person whom they still believe: young Woman, who was on great mountain when it exploded who, along with Frog Hopping, returned to tell tale. Nurtured by an elder searing visions left her blind, nonetheless doubts own visionary powers as she follows path can hardly discern—across savannah parched plains—to find valley plenty for brink collapse. But fact, were not survivors mountain’s explosion. Another man emerged destruction, vengeance pulsing his veins, lead separate group into vicious reckless act war. Soon these two strands meet, chance, desperation, sheer willpower. In which every moment is lived edge between life death, animal human predators strike instant, gods themselves seem lost, dreams entwine reality, destiny rushes toward them. The must make last, violent stand against complete destruction. this hypnotic, thrilling, beautiful novel, Barnes explores relationships friends lovers, leaders followers, strangers allies. At once visceral soaringly insightful, Valley about beings today seen wondrous prism our distant past.