Marty and Mei-Ling

Marty is the kind of kid who talks first and thinks afterward, because Mei-Ling looks a bit different he has to tell everybody. Then one day finds himself in place where different, discovers that other things are more important, even big-mouth like himself. Picture book format, ages 6 – 10.

(Re)Imagining the world: Children’s Literature’s Response to Changing Times considers how writers of fiction for children imagine ‘the world’, not one universal world, but different worlds: imaginary, strange, familiar, even monstrous worlds. The chapters in this collection discuss engages with some changes brought about by new technologies, information literacy, consumerism, migration, politics, family structures, cosmopolitanism, and old monsters. They also invite us think memory shapes our understanding past, emotions, capacity empathise, desire discover, what future may hold. contributors bring perspectives from education, postcolonial studies, literary criticism, cultural childhood postmodernism, social sciences. With a wide coverage texts countries, scholarly lively discussions, is itself testament power human imagination significance children’s literature education young people. ​

This book explores the wide range of contexts in which research into creating connections learning and teaching may take place. Creating can encompass making links, crossing divides, forming relationships, building frameworks, generating new knowledge. The cognitive, cultural, social, emotional and/or physical aspects understanding, meaning-making, motivating, acting, researching, evaluating are explored as constituent forms creativity relation to such connections. From this exploration authors identify varied connective means include learner, educator, organisation, relevant community. learner-educator bringing together diverse groups learners, establishing networks partnerships among educators, links between organisations communities all considered be created by within dynamic. By examining factors help facilitate restrict possibilities for educational contexts, implications outcomes arise from created. final chapter will explicate realisations that have emerged educators researchers working create These offer suggestions future directions enunciate what how might contribute both institutions broader society.