Luke and Lulu

Luke gets a puppy for his birthday, naughty called Lulu. takes Lulu to school, but it seems that Lulu’s stillnot ready behave!

This book is the result of our love for music, families, musical colleagues, and even dogs. The story by no means chronological, though after a “Prelude,” it does follow very loosely accounts youth, education, experiences, adventures. Those experiences have included playing with Pittsburgh Symphony, Boston Pops, Peter Nero’s Philly concerts in Moscow (in midst revolution), St. Petersburg, Carnegie Hall, Salzburg Festival, Havana, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Italy, England, Germany, Peru, Library Congress. It also history Orchestra 2001, Swarthmore College- Philadelphia-based contemporary music ensemble I founded directed from 1988 to 2015. includes appendices complete list O2001’s concerts, repertoire, recordings, as well highlights critical commentary about many those performances CDs.

Synopsis Song of Silver Lake, vol. 2, book 2 Fiddle Girl Demonstrating a giftedness in violin, Grace discussed with her Harvard educated friend, blind Derry London, the feasibility attending an elite institution like Julliard School Music New York. promised to make few phone calls, which put contact Mr. Carlton Astor, founder Astor Plastics Seattle, also member board regents. To Derry’s surprise, seemed more interested woman’s 7 year old niece, Ruth, than he was Grace, prospective student. He even insisted on flying Lake his private aircraft take and Ruth dinner. What could possibly be Astor’s interest little Ruth? While researched Music, invited tour McCoy family, local amateur bluegrass group. The Real McCoy’s annually closed up their mechanics shop month long circuit county fairs across several states. first chair high school orchestra, but novice Bluegrass fiddle, shocked when Pop entered Lexington, Kentucky competition. Loyalties between fiddle girl were tested as bizarre events unfolded during this trip.