Lily and the Wizard

Princess Lily’s crazy magic makes her family very cross! But when a sly old wizard puts spell on sisters, it’s up to clever Lily save them.

For I will call you by the name that for fifty years has been honoured every tribe between Zambesi and Cape Agulbas,—I greet you! Sompseu, my father, have written a book tells of men matters which know most any who still look upon light; therefore, set your within and, such as it is, offer to you. If knew not Chaka, he seen same suns shine, his brother Panda captains, perhaps even very Mopo this tale, servant, slew him with Princes. You circle witch-doctors unconquerable Zulu impis rushing war; crowned their kings shared counsels, son’s blood expiated statesman’s error general’s fault.

Can Jack West unravel the ancient secrets of Five Greatest Warriors and save world? With end world fast approaching, must rebuild final pieces fabled, ‘Machine’ – only thing that can prevent global catastrophe. But he is out clues . until presented with an text about five unnamed warriors, great historical figures who were all in some way connected to mysterious Machine. And so, his loyal team set discover their identities secrets. Soon on trail a legendary list greats: from Moses Genghis Khan Napoleon, finally one most unlikely warrior, unknown ‘Fifth’, who, it said, will be there ‘at things .’ * READERS LOVE THE JACK WEST THRILLERS ‘Indiana Jones book Immensely entertaining’ ‘Gripping full twists’ ‘Heart-pounding stuff’ ‘A first class all-action thriller’ ‘Another sensational adventure take you away’