Kokoda Track: 101 Days

An Australian story of incredible bravery, courage and ingenuity.

Taking a largely chronological approach, A Brief History of Australia looks at social, cultural, economic, and political trends in the country’s long history, all which have contributed to its unique complex identity. Beginning with peopling continent about 60,000 years ago, volume examines early history culture Aboriginals, Australia’s indigenous population oldest continuously surviving world. The continues first documented sighting landmass by European 17th century colonial period 18th 19th centuries. From Federation 1901 Liberal government John Howard (1998-2007) Labor Kevin Rudd (2007-present), this new book explores relationship British Crown, environmental issues that plague land, rights marginalized people, role sports. Basic facts, chronology, bibliography, list suggested reading make up appendixes.

Australian Backyard Explorer has been recognised on the 2011 White Ravens list for international children’s and youth literature. Produced each year by International Youth Library in Germany, recognise ‘books of interest that deserve a wider reception account their universal theme’ or ‘their exceptional often innovative artistic literary style design’. tells stories many intrepid individuals who explored continent first 120 years European settlement. It includes little known explorers as well old favourites, such James Cook, Edward John Eyre, Robert Oe(tm)Hara Burke William Wills. There are tales not only tragedy, conflict death, but also loyalty, amazing perseverance wonder over new animals landscapes they encountered.