Just Crazy!

Do you bounce so high on your bed that hit head the ceiling? ever look in mirror and see a crazy maniac staring back at you? Nine highly original, humorous stories complemented by imaginative hilarious illustrations from one of Australia’s most well-known acclaimed illustrators, Terry Denton….

Frisco Jarvis may be insane. He is a paranoid, germophobic, neurotic, annoyed, irritated, obsessive compulsive man filled with syndromes and disorders. As child, he liked to mess up his hair jump down making words trying sound like caveman. began write short stories about crazy things that have happened in life, which was suggestion from sister who has known for quite some time crazy. The result this book – collection of true stories, rants raves, led emotional instability. Read it caution.

When Tilly receives an invitation to help drive eight elders on their ultimate bucket-list road trip, she impulsively says yes. Before knows it, has said good-bye her family and is adventure that will transform in ways could not predict, just as it for the who soon dub themselves “the Crazy Eights.” The Eights each choose a stop—somewhere or something they’ve always wanted experience—on way goal, Gathering of Nations Pow Wow Albuquerque. Their plan travel Las Vegas, Sedona, Redwood Forests, with destination inspiration secrets stories be revealed. trip proves powerful medicine they laugh, heal, argue, dream along way. By time bus rolls stop New Mexico, Eights, friendships forged hearts mended, feel ready anything. But are they?