Joe’s Boat

Review long vowels and build a beginner reader’s confidence with this fun story from the Reader’s Clubhouse series! “Joe Boat” is that covers “long o” sound. The book contains word list feature book’s focus for easy review. Word lists also include high-frequency challenge words. All books in series present letter explaining fundamental phonics concepts covered each book. Between helpful explanations engaging activity suggestions, short sure to young keep them entertained! This fourth volume of Reading Level 2 beginning readers kids focuses on phonics, facts, books. 1 Readers are designed classroom or home-schooling use preschool kindergarten, kindergarten grade 1. Why choose Clubhouse? Brief suggested activities allow interact subject matter Fiction range themes funny serious stories alongside full-colored illustrations Nonfiction photo illustrated explore facts index glossaries further learning “Decodable” make references reviewing targeted Further website resources every

Childhood, family relations and the seaside all provide backdrop to Joe’s story. When Joe his dad go Great-Uncle Alan’s beach house after old man’s death, discovers a boat in garage. He longs take it out on sea, he gets wish when goes fishing with Dad elderly friend Bob. After fun of fishing, eating fish beach, men decide that should now belong Joe.