How Hedley Hopkins did

Hedley Hopkins has a few problems: he is the new kid at school, straight off boat from England in 1950s. The only friends made are kids Loony Bin especially bald headed, long armed Victor. But if could just fulfil dare and dig out hideous skull hidden grave sand dunes, impress bullies school become their friend. not so sure. Weird things happening to his body. Is being punished for terrible actions? And uptight parents ever found what was up to, they might blow up. Full-moon murderers, an open grave, religious conversions sexual awakening meld sometimes poignantly, hilariously this riveting, stunningly original account of growing 1950s Australia. This coming age tale Paul Jennings very best!

12 year-old Hedley Hopkins has been in Australia for a whole year, but he’s finding it hard to fit in. Confusing things keep happening – he can’t stop thinking about naked ladies, strange are his nether regions and the compulsory chat facts of life leaves him baffled embarrassed. So when Ian Douglas issues with dare promises that if fulfils it, will be fully fledged member gang, says yes. But doesn’t know quite what let himself for. First, steal skull from grave outside loony bin. Then deal ‘loonies’ actually group kids learning disabilities, one whom wants friend. And starts giving advice, knows big trouble. He find way make peace other return its rightful owner, before it’s too late.

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