Great Slurp of TimeOlive of Groves and the

‘Exciting, imaginative, charming and very, very funny’ – Judith Rossell, award-winning author of WITHERING-BY-SEA on OLIVE OF GROVES ‘Oh deary, deary me!’ Mrs Groves cried. ‘It really is! Right here! On the front porch to my esteemed Boarding School for Naughty Boys, Talking Animals Circus Performers!’ She was quite flabbergasted at sight it. Finally, however, she managed get words out. ‘It’s a … What is it? Not naughty boy. talking animal. even circus performer. Oh me, oh my! It’s time traveller!’ When last we met Olive, had defeated school bully all-round nasty swine, Pig McKenzie, proved her acrobatic skills, earning herself place Groves. But when twelve-year-old traveller lands doorstep, trouble just minute away, soon Olive off an adventure as big itself Ages 8-12

This haunting, heart-stopping middle grade novel follows three of the Wolfskinder, German children left to fend for themselves in final days World War II, as they struggle hold onto and each other while surviving wild. Sometimes it’s good be Sometimes, you have be. When Russian Army marches into East Prussia at end Wolf family must flee. Being caught by Russians or Americans would them. Liesl, Otto, baby Mia’s father has already been captured, get separated from their mother a blizzard after only few on run. Liesl promised Mama that she’d keep her brother sister safe, no matter what. They’ll forage forests if to. Little do know start there are hundreds parentless doing same thing. And far too quickly learn that, sometimes, survive, bad things. Dangerous Wild become wolf.

Manchmal ist es gut, wild zu sein. muss man sogar Liesl hat ihrer Mama versprochen, auf Otto und Mia aufzupassen. Sie die Älteste, sie Verantwortung. Um nicht der Roten Armee in Hände fallen, schlagen sich drei Geschwister im bitterkalten Winter alleine durch Wälder Sümpfe Ostpreußens, immer Suche nach Nahrung einem Unterschlupf für eine Nacht. Als eines Tages verwahrloste Jungen stoßen, ihnen vom Kriegsende dem Tod Hitlers erzählen, sind auch diese drei, Augen öffnen: »Ihr seid wild, Wölfe wie wir.« Und den recht geben. In einer Welt, Kinder allein gestellt Flucht sind, müssen Wölfen werden, um überleben. lassen erwischen. geben aber auf. manchmal geschieht ein Wunder. Ein spannender Kinderroman über das bewegende Schicksal Wolfskinder