Extra Time

The real life exploits of a Supporting Artist, John R. Walker, who has worked on many British Television shows such as Doctor Who, Ashes to Ashes, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, Survivors, Life Mars, EastEnders, Coronation Street and more. For an insider view the TV Movie Extr

A collection of lyrical sweet-nothings whispered to late goals, local radio commentators, referees falling over and 47 other reminders why we love football. Despite its flaws excesses, modern football is still sprinkled with simple yet beguiling delights. In his previous book Saturday, 3pm, Daniel Gray captured many them. Now he back a further 50 short essays prose poetry dedicated the game’s charming, technicolour minutiae. From club lottos undeserved wins, from pitch-invading animals roar after minute’s silence, Extra Time another romantic celebration fandom shared joys, habits, eccentricities peculiarities. It salute keepers going forward for corners, match balls landing on stand roofs goals scored in quick succession. These chapters offer gleeful antidote disillusionment football, VAR all. They are care justifications our devotion. Each warmly evokes this sport’s blessed capacity escape diversion. Let us share delight once more.

Logan, Eva and Otis are late for Strange Town F.C.’s first game of the season. When they finally turn up it looks like someone, or something, has stopped time. Cn find out who, what, frozen all local football supporters players before final whistle sounds good? This exciting series follows bizarre adventures whose family move to remote town Strange, his new neighbour, Eva. The eleven-year-old friends, along with Logan’s dog Otis, always on lookout strange happenings. These eight stories ideal reluctant readers an interest age 11+ a reading 7-8.