Egg: An Epic Adventure

DISCOVER A WORLD UNLIKE ANY OTHER 13-year-old Roger Briggs has been trained to believe there is no such thing as Magic… He only ever shown interest in his own scientific pursuits, mainly that of studying bugs and a loner whom lives an alternative 1950’s “Inglande” world called “Erf”. CHANCE OR DESTINY? Then collision with the nature loving, Mary Madam, occurs. This rapidly leads them into adventures they could never have believed possible, let alone imagine. And soon, these two seemingly mismatched loners are drawn daring rescue incredible escape, from most unbelievable deadliest forces evil existing on, or under, Planet Erf: The Psychonomy Fire-Worm Lords Core. WELCOME TO – THE DRAGON’S ERF SERIES. Dragon’s Egg beginning epic adventure story, full action, intrigue, compelling characters fantastical imagery. If you’ve enjoyed classic fantasy, ranging Gaiman Pratchett, Pullman Potter, then you’ll love S. R. Langley’s journey deep unknown last bastions Magic on Erf! Download ‘Dragon’s Egg’ today Book 1 exciting new Fantasy Series Erf’

In an era where dragons are myth and magic is fading, orphan girl discovers the last remaining dragon egg in entire world… All Peri’s ever concerned herself with was staying awake during lessons pulling tricks on her fellow sisters. But when Sterling Rails threatens only home she’s known, efforts to stop them leads make discovery of a lifetime: A egg-perhaps one magic-starved world. Desperate for leverage, Peri steals journeys Kalin City seek Golden Temple’s protection preserve Mossy Gorge. Accompanying talking goose, Roy-the handsome son man set destroying home. Burdened by family expectations, Roy has done his best fulfill duties, all hopes that he’d be left peace pursue passion art. sudden forces him decide-should he stand family, or protect Peri, mother claims witch? While run, uncover strange enemies Kalin’s underworld, motion sinister plot-one could throw their kingdom into chaos, herald brand new era… magic.

The Making of a Knight is Bookworms out Young Readers “It happened during midnight as often these things do, when the night was black raven’s wing and full moon shimmered blue…” And so begins an outstanding new Middle Grade fantasy tale, unlike anything you’ve ever read before. A novel-in-verse adventure, perfect for young book lovers reluctant readers alike; helping to ignite spark imagination love reading in children.​ Lonely orphaned, Caramath knows his life will never be fairy tale. But dark dangerous characters from favourite descend upon kingdom, finally gets chance escape boring life. Yet save himself, villagers, clutches Shadow Snatchers, must first find courage breach uncharted lands magic. With help once thought fiction, surprising alliance with headstrong princess, battles against evil curses, mysterious perils discovers mythical creatures; both friend foe. even heart courage, has no idea dangers, or destiny, that awaits him. delightful children’s all charm classic