Dream Land

The Story of Dream Land

It’s a romantic and thriller novel. English Apple are the starrers (main characters) of this is 21 years old, 18. Both became lovers in forest-like area near Hyde Park. have been kidnapped by aliens to an unknown planet. And they escaped from them returned earth. The earth then has no water, air living beings. Meanwhile, lifespan sun came end, thus red giant. giant engulfs entire at faster pace. try escape power climax story follows then.

After narrowly escaping from the Sand Man; Daniel, Jen and Zach find themselves stranded in a pocket universe, where missing objects people all times are collected. It is there, that Daniel discover during their orb to escape, dark entity joined them inhabited Jen’s body. As begins grow out of control, they must search for way free Jen. A race underway escape Land Lost Things, Jen, before Man locates them. Struggling regain her life, transform into one most infamous powerful creatures Phoenix. Will she be able control this new power or will destroy everything knows loves?