Dougal and Bumble and

Dougal and Bumble all their friends live in a little house by the beach. They love to play sand watch big planes flying overhead. Life is pretty good. And when they’re invited Teddy Bears’ Picnic, it gets even better. meet new friend – Trevor Pig. But then bus leaves without them stranded. It’s wild world out there, long way from home. Can three toys make back on own? It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever . This mostly true funny sequel furry tale about friendship, perseverance karaoke. Garbage Dump Bear ‘story with pot of gold at end rainbow.’ Herald Sun

Series covers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, photographs.

Dougal was a sad little bear. He because nobody loved him anymore …But there’s whole world of adventure and happiness out there for bear like Dougal. Join as he discovers new places friends … maybe even somewhere to call home.