DifferenceOne Horse Waiting For

Fictional account of universe before Genesis. Did you wonder what God was doing He created Earth? has always been, so must have been something the time our Bible. Enjoy this fun but dramatic story.

A post-apocalyptic thriller chronicling one woman’s quest to nurture those she holds dear against the backdrop of a shockingly changed world When I wake is gone. Only fragments remain. And then remember . Before: Her life may have taken couple wrong turns but Zoe trying make best what has. part-time cleaning job pay for college, weekly appointment with her therapist straighten out problems in life. The same that any thirty-year-old would have. Nothing major. life-threatening. few bad dream, that’s all. After: only thought remains survival. Survival desolate, world. For herself. unborn baby. But help scarce where untold horrors exist around every corner, food and water are desperately short supply, chance happiness half away. Adams has an excellent sense timing, delivering gasp-inducing moments punctuate nightmare verve. it’s Zoe’s clear-eyed self-preservation will keep readers waiting Adams’ follow-up.- Kirkus

A petty thief is bested by a widow and her card-playing friends; farmer must cope with raising his baby granddaughter; train engineer inadvertently causes major disaster finds himself amidst media frenzy; young man falls in love voice on the radio; camera repairman discovers woman’s family history roll of undeveloped film. Ordinary people are confronted extraordinary situations, results that sometimes comic, tragic, but always life changing.In stories filled heart humour, Tim Gautreaux explores stresses strains everyday as characters struggle to make amends for their mistakes hope different, better days come.