Crystal Heart

The Man-God gave his life out of love for the Varian people Arathia, by ripping own heart from chest to provide life-sustaining light and warmth in an eternally dark place. Ree-Kyae are pure evil, cannot live love, so they’ve figured a way shatter Crystal Heart. Now, collecting all pieces reassembling Heart Man-God, it’s up Kinley repair damage done, restore balance, beauty, light, only question left is can it be done?

A gypsy girl’s whole life gets turned upside down when her mother invites a gorgeous unknown stranger who claims heart. Never to be the same thinking mother’s stories were always wild tails but she was wrong. But that in 1800’s. And now present times just got settled things take horrid turn. What will do?

This is book 3 of The Glass Sky Series. Read the harrowing conclusion to this gripping futuristic, genre-blending fantasy series filled with stunning twists in a mesmerizing world. Twisted bargains fae, corrupt regime magical prisons, unauthorized genetic engineering, and did I mention robots, too? Seriously, what could go wrong? Sometimes insanity makes things remarkably simple. Especially for girl like me, Star Rickton. isn’t world ever wanted live in. It’s where being female reason enough be locked up enchanted, using magic can strip people their humanity. Humans Fae once lived worked together harmoniously we are not so different. Yet, now, destroy both hold dear wreak havoc on one another without thought serious consequences. Like annihilation? Pretty much. I’m determined figure out but if can’t get it together, time might all luck good. Books series: Storm Dark Prism Crystal Heart fairytale retellings, fantasy, dark futuristic dystopian, steampunk, bioengineering, androids, magic, curses, faeries, faery, shimmer, drug use, mature situations, science fiction, adventure, quests, love triangle, oppressive regimes, dictatorships, rebellions, military YA, Teen books, Young Adult Fantasy Fairytale adaptations