ChairDown the Line

It is easy to say “I have no prejudices”, “I’m not racist, so it has nothing do with me”, didn’t invite those refugees”. hard may be blame for what happened in the past but I want take responsibility making sure doesn’t continue future”. The Education Pack “all different – all equal” was originally produced 1995 as an educational resource European youth campaign against racism, antisemitism, xenophobia and intolerance. Soon after its publication became a reference work involved intercultural education training young people across Europe beyond. Translated into many languages, remains today one of most successful sought publications Council Europe. usefulness pack stems from variety creativity methodologies proposed. More than twenty years campaign, role plays, simulation exercices, case studies cooperative group that proposes remain inspiration workers, trainers, teachers other actively education. societies suffer growth racist hostility intolerance towards minorities foreigners; necessity undiminished relevance this unquestionable. Little bit been changed new edition pack, apart updating references. Most changes are visible usable only online version, which offers relevant links resources human rights legacy campaign: equality dignity rights, respect broader appreciation diversity.

This publication updates the 1995 edition as an educational resource for European youth campaign against racism, anti-semitism, xenophobia and intolerance. It provides a reference source those involved in intercultural education training with young people Europe beyond. The pack itself offers series of different methodologies, including role plays, simulation exercises, case studies cooperative group work, which can be adapted by trainers, teachers workers their programmes.

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