Bloody Scotland

In the nineteenth century, Scotland was renowned as a land of misty glens, engineering innovation and inventive genius. But it also home brutal murder, terrifying riots, cruelty to children, bank robbery acid attacks. Women well men were capable horrendous acts, crime could strike anywhere: at home, on road even sea. From Borders Northern Isles, never far away. Edinburgh, with its reputation for polite decorum, scene poisoning savagery; dark streets industrial Glasgow Dundee harboured thieves muggers; villages coast country hid wild vicious women. Bloody exposes some crimes, both remembered forgotten, that rocked in those lawless times reveals not only criminals who perpetrated them, but law enforcers fought hard maintain order against rising tide crime.

Aberdeen has been inhabited for 8,000 years, since the first Hunter-Gatherers settled on banks of River Dee. 4,000 years later, Bronze Age peoples left their mark landscape by constructing a huge number recumbent stone circles, once thought to be places sacrifice. Invaders including Celts, Romans and Vikings met violent, bloody resistance, victorious Roman army thousands Caledonian corpses crows following Battle Mons Graupius. From slaughter Castle’s English garrison (part citizens’ uprising in support Robert Bruce) all-out assaults city Kings, Royalists Nazis, no century unmarked. Plague, wars, clan feuds, murderers, witches, covenanters slavers – all have stained silver red with blood!