Bert and Me

Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan began swapping funny Down East stories when they were students at Yale in the 1950s. Their fascination appreciation for Maine its people triggered production of several “Bert I” records, from which 14 selected first edition this book. Now, eleven more have been added expanded second edition. groundbreaking their oral tradition paved way contemporary storytelling icons like Garrison Keillor, Tim Sample, Tom Bodett.

She was the one, only American Red Hot Mama. Her career spanned six decades, taking her from cramped apartment above parents’ restaurant in Hartford, Connecticut, to world’s greatest music halls. And she became, and remains, one of biggest influences on women entertainers comedians history. Sophie Me is story Tucker—the colorful, spicy, bold entertainer who broke boundaries industry whose popularity during life, celebrity even beyond it has not waned. Told through eyes great-grand niece, whom took under wing both mentor surrogate grandmother, takes reader an intimate journey Sophie’s extraordinary life. Tucker original. Zaftig, full-bodied looks voice, strong independent before became acceptable for women. dream woman refused compromise or heritage reach success. A lived untraditional life traditional times. achieved vast fame fortune, yet never really “Yiddishe Momme” sang about.

You and Me is a laugh-out-loud compilation of travel stories by husband wife creatives, Michael S. Ryan Kristen Herrington. From the textured rainforest Costa Rica to streets Bangkok, this book about journey falling in love, at times beautifully evocative others wildly amusing. The authors give tips for wary travelers, show quite definitely how wandering down street following your nose better than guidebook every time. Herrington are true adventurers unafraid diving head first into spontaneity moment. They don their backpacks hike volcano flip-flops, sprint through airports, encounter foreign drug dealers take you places you’ve never imagined. perfect fit readers who want learn art people-watching get out resorts busy marketplace. It gem anyone planning trip overseas or simply wanting escape myriad destinations without leaving armchair.