Baby!Hooray! There’s a

The info-packed, truth-telling guide expectant and new mothers have been screaming into their pillows for. So you’re making a person…and no one will stop telling you what to do about it. Your friends, your neighbors, Uber driver–everyone is giving unsolicited advice, which Beth Jackie say: F*ck advice! There’s “right” way be pregnant or mom, only stretchy pants worn choices made. This illustrated asks answers all the essential questions that pop up from first trimester fourth, such as: Should I an unmedicated drugged-out birth? (Up you!) Will time pee as mom? (Maybe!) How avoid hating my partner? (That’s little more complicated.) Funny, feminist, and, above all, pro-mom, this book actually useful baby shower gift.

Dorothy Richardson is existing just above the poverty line, doing secretarial work at a dentist’s office and living in seedy boarding house Bloomsbury, when she invited to spend weekend with childhood friend, Jane. Jane has recently married writer who on brink of fame. His name H.G. Wells, or Bertie, as they call him. Bertie appears unremarkable first. But then notices his grey-blue eyes taking her in, openly signalling approval. He tells he have an agreement which allows them freedom take lovers, although can tell friend would not be happy that arrangement. Not wanting betray Jane, yet unable draw back free-falls into affair Bertie. Then new boarder arrives house- beautiful Veronica Leslie-Jones-and finds herself caught between Amidst personal dramas wreckage militant suffragette march, voice writer.