Amelia Ellicott’s Garden

“Amelia Ellicott lives with her cat Mustafah, next door to a block of flats. She is proud garden and chickens, but she has no one share them with… Until day storm destroys it all Amelia discovers the value friendship.” – back cover.

This book provides pre-service and practising teachers with an integrated approach to language literacy learning in early childhood. Written by leading academics the field, it explores how children learn talk, play using language, become literate make meaning – from birth through pre-school years. Emphasising importance of imagination arts learning, this addresses a wide range contemporary issues, highlights impact diverse socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds on young children’s development, shows childhood can effectively partner parents caregivers help about language. Case studies, interviews, reflective questions, clear links Early Years Learning Framework Australian Curriculum, rich array practical creative activities for use environments students connect theory current research practice.