After The Fire

Der einzige Weg aus der Dunkelheit ist, ein Feuer zu entzünden Schwer verletzt liegt die 17-jährige Moonbeam im Krankenhaus und sieht sich einem Psychologen FBI-Agenten gegenüber. Sie, den wenigen Überlebenden nach schrecklichen Brandkatastrophe gehört, soll erzählen, wie das Leben war auf Farm Gotteslegionäre. Wie ist es dem gekommen, Schießerei zwischen Gotteslegionären Polizei? So viele sind gestorben. Zögerlich öffnet Moonbeam, glaubt, dass man ihr helfen will, fängt an vor danach anfühlt. Eine Sache aber kann sie nicht erzählen. Doch muss aussprechen, was getan hat, will daran zerbrechen.

On January 19, 2000, a fire raged through Seton Hall University’s freshman dormitory, killing three students and injuring 58 others. Among the victims were Shawn Simons Alvaro Llanos, roommates from poor neighborhoods who made their families proud by getting into college. They managed to escape, but both burned terribly. After Fire is story of these young men courageous fight recover worst damage burn unit at Saint Barnabas hospital had ever seen. It extraordinary doctors nurses work with burned. mothers fathers, faith family invisible ties that bind us each other. search for arsonists — elaborate cover-up nearly obscured truth. And it women came love men, knew real beauty thing not seen in mirrors.

Barnes, the supervisor of a Hot Shot wildfire suppression crew, is haunted by season past, when many members his dedicated, young team were killed in Colorado forest fire that went all wrong, scorching Shots as they fled, some struggled into their shelters. He wakes each morning presence ghosts proceed across bedroom or assemble at kitchen table, eyes asking questions he cannot answer. As tries to unravel threads what happened – wrong relives deadly again and mind. Barnes’s responsibility for lost lives an unbearable weight upon him, lightened only neighbor, little girl named Grace, who with her mother grandfather. This family three has its own struggles, Barnes able help them through simple act friendship and, finally, one lucky salvation. But it save ultimately, becomes more deeply enmeshed lives, understands may not be him forever. Robinson skillfully pieces together past while interweaving present, creating unforgettable mosaic heroism, fatal errors, sorrow, hope. Skyhorse Publishing, well our Arcade, Yucca, Good Books imprints, are proud publish broad range books readers interested fiction—novels, novellas, political medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, much more. While every title we New York Times bestseller national bestseller, committed on subjects sometimes overlooked authors whose work might otherwise find home.