A Penny to Remember

Lance Bishop was perplexed. Why Valle Verde? Other ranchers weren’t having problems. Who causing the ranch so much trouble? Rick resented his brother. Humiliated before fellow cowhands, he retaliates and falls prey to unscrupulous Milo Potter. Jack Reynolds uneasy. He feared stepson, Phillip Murchison, too young inexperienced handle type situation described in Bishop’s letter. Perhaps himself should make trip Texas. Cynthia Drummond bored frustrated with her existence at Baton Rouge plantation home. Then, opportunity arises for take a that would ultimately change life forever.

When George is sentenced to seven years of hard labor in Van Diemen’s Land, his only thoughts are sister Hannah. What can he give her remember him when so far away?

Everybody is from someplace. Morris Beja—who has lived his adult life in Ohio, aside extended stays abroad—is the Bronx. In this book he gives a vivid account of what it was like to grow up there, thirties, forties, and fifties. He presents memoir family world, but also conveys importance ephemera, fleeting: moments, impressions, places, objects, commodities, products, snatches song, advertisements, phrases, people our lives that one doesn’t realize at time are memorable, which turn out be indelible. It may not question their being worth remembering, sense “momentous” or “revealing” “beautiful” “moving”—or any those things explicable way. But they there—for always. Or come back you, after lost for years even decades. Perhaps no who your own generation could appreciate importance; maybe could. The significance only all humanity. That makes them more fascinating.