A Chook Called Harry

There are ten chooks in the beautiful new chook-house, but Chris’s favourite, Happy Harry, isn’t pulling her weight. Can Chris save Harry when his dad wants to get rid of her? AUSSIE BITES You’ll be hungry for more! START COLLECTING NOW!

How much do you think could take? Try this: your husband dies suddenly and, weeks later, while you’re still grieving, diagnosed with cancer. Would keep fighting? Newspaper editor Jill Baker arrived home to find her George dead on the bedroom floor. Then – in shock she was breast cancer and given odds being alive five years’ time. Surgery, chemo radiation therapy followed during Jill’s extraordinary year from hell. It took a huge toll. Some days barely recognised herself. When doctor suggested dog might heal her, chance first wag. She needed something make life worth living, but that really be crazy, snoring, howling, digging, chewing, barking, hipster 70s orange pup like Harry? Harry are an unlikely duo. is quiet, loud as meticulously plans day says let’s wing it. sips pinot he’s espresso martini guy. Turns out were made together. Theirs beautiful friendship, unbreakable bond. A Dog Called moving story of dubbed Dirty who helped love again.

Bert loves playing football. He dreams of being a professional footballer for his local side West Farthing F.C. There is just one problem. chicken. lives on Manor Side Farm where the other chickens make fun him different – chicken should not play football, they say but despite this, it still Bert’s dream. After chance visit to farm by Gerald Fox, manager F.C., talent spotted and offered try out. wants be their secret weapon in an upcoming game…