Best Nerd Vacations

airship1After a long stretch of all night coding (or  unintended unemployment)  what does a smart person do to unwind?

They go on vacation!

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Geek Workouts

nerdygeekworkout_LargeWideCoding all day can be quite taxing.  But mental taxation alone does not build muscle and keep off fat.

For that we need, a geek work out.  A work out that you can do at your desk and only attract raised eyebrows at most.  Although nothing says cardio like running from away from building security.


Before you start any sort of work out program, it’s always a good idea to check with your physician to see what kind of physical condition you are in, and what you can handle.  That being said, you don’t go from code potato into Captain America in a day.

So what are the best ways to get in shape at your desk? We will focus on the five main muscle groups

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Build or Buy? Remote Control Lawnmower

lawnmower-robotAfter a hard day of coding, the last thing you want to do is mow the lawn.  Even though you did your research and got the very best regular lawnmower on the market, why not let technology handle one of the more hot and tedious jobs.

There has been considerable advances in house hold robots.  From kitchen sweepers to smart vacuums, automation has finally hit the home front.  Inside the house is one thing, what about outside of the house?   A lawn is not nearly as friendly as your living room. Luckily science and technology are there to the rescue.

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